Unlock the potential of your entire ecommerce network with an OMS.

Unlock the potential of your entire ecommerce network with an OMS.

Activate omnichannel features such as click & collect, ship from store, dropship & partner fulfillment and more with Comestri’s Distributed OMS.

Give your customers the amazing brand experience they expect, and give yourself a competitive advantage.

Fulfil orders from any source and keep stock turning over.

Unify your inventory to expand your available to sell inventory online, and fulfil it from any location – stores, warehouses, fulfilment centres and drop ship locations. Minimise the impact of distressed stock by selling it, no matter where it’s located.

Smarter fulfilment, powered by incredibly sophisticated rules.

Turn your business priorities into intelligent fulfilment rules, with layer upon layer of conditions and subsequent actions. Send orders to the location that fits your specific criteria and automate your business processes.

Find cost efficiencies across your entire order lifecycle.

Reduce errors and manual handling, improve order accuracy, optimise fulfilment and lower delivery costs. Complete visibility and better reporting capabilities help identify further fulfilment cost-saving opportunities.

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Distributed Order Management Software

Core Features & Functions

Order Management System

Retail inventory pooling
Multi-site fulfillment
Multi channel, multi market
Adjustments and cancellations
Returns and refunds
Shipping options
Intelligent reporting

Shipping App

Native courier integrations
Wave picking
Shipment tracking
Returns handling
Continuous workflows
Multi-part shipping

Click & Collect App

Customer notifications
Partial collections
Local or remote stock sourcing

… plus much, much more.

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    How Exactly Does An OMS Work?

    An OMS, or Order Management System, is the central point for receiving sales orders from all channels. Sales channels can include your website (Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, etc), Amazon, eBay, The Iconic, and more. Orders from all these channels are then fulfilled at the one time from the one location, streamlining fulfillment processes and getting orders out the door quicker!

    Rather than logging into each individual sales channel or POS system to process individual orders, orders can be managed in bulk from the one location – your OMS.

    There are four main elements to an OMS:


    Managing sales from all channels on a single platform.


    Real-time inventory across all channels, as well as accurate forecasting to avoid stock-outs.


    Streamline picking, packing, and warehouse operations, as well as interfacing directly with shipping providers.


    Complete end-to-end returns management, as well as reallocation of returned stock.

    Order Lifecycle with an OMS
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    Top Benefits of an OMS (Order Management System)

    Improve Order Accuracy

    Manually processing orders with spreadsheets exposes you to human error, the root cause of inventory or fulfilment issues for 62% of merchants.

    This not only ruins consumer experiences (especially if the wrong product is shipped to the wrong customer), but it also causes logistical difficulties. Returns increase and margins are swallowed by rectifying the issues.

    Process Orders Faster

    While delivery costs are still important to modern customers, the time it takes for a product to move from order to delivery is crucial. When shopping online, 43% of customers expect next-day delivery, which retailers must achieve in order to attain repeat customers.

    By unifying stock across all your inventory locations, an OMS can streamline the picking and packing process and locate the closest location with stock to the consumer. The order is send for fulfillment and goods are picked, packed, and dispatched ASAP.

    Better Customer Communications

    Informed customers are happy customers. they want to know the status of their order, including its present location and expected delivery date, in 97% of cases.

    Merchants can connect their OMS to their CRM and communicate regular order updates to their customers. It’s this kind of openness that keeps customers from posting bad reviews all over the internet. TrustPilot reported that 77.4% of all negative reviews are caused by a brand’s lack of communication after the sale.

    Go Global

    Order management software aids ecommerce enterprises in expanding their global reach. With an OMS, retailers can:

    • Accept payment in a variety of currencies for overseas orders.
    • Send order details to 3PL partners in each country automatically.
    • Reduce shipping timing and costs by routing to the customers nearest warehouse

    Check out more business benefits here!

    Unlock the potential of your retail stores, warehouses, distribution centres, drop shippers and more with Order Manager Software. The intelligent software powers omnichannel retailing, and offers delivery options and experiences that consumers demand.

    How To Use Your OMS To It’s Full Potential

    Connect all inventory locations.

    Ensure every piece of inventory is available to be sold, no matter where it’s located. Help boost conversions by allowing customers to search available stock near to them, and offer Click & Collect.

    Accept returns instore and make it easy.

    Turn a negative experience into a positive one by accepting online returns instore. Customers have an awesome customer experience and the returned stock can be resold instore.

    Optimise fulfillment with intelligent rules.

    Turn business priorities into rules and automate your fulfillment processes. Easily turn fulfillment locations on or off when needed, and take advantage of the immediate flexibility available in the OMS.

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