One SaaS application, many functions

A Commerce Hub that delivers Unified Product Experiences

For many merchants, product data is distributed across numerous systems in different formats. Translating this into meaningful product information for customers is complex, especially at scale across multiple touchpoints in an industry renown for constant change.

Comestri helps you consolidate, orchestrate and publish product information wherever customers touch your brand. Unify product data, produce meaningful content and reach any customer with compelling product information that optimises conversion rates.

With Comestri, you get …

Comestri helps you unify product experiences in many industries.

Product Information Management

Product Information
Management (PIM)

Take control. Consolidate product data from multiple systems. Enrich data and tailor product information for all websites, ecommerce, marketplaces and dropship programs. Synchronise inventory and pricing across all channels. And manage everything from one place.

Enrich products with any attribute

Boost searchability and conversion rates. With enriched content like descriptions, attributes, images and videos, customers will make less purchase mistakes. You’ll have more returning customers with fewer returned orders.

Add rich product dimensions and become personable to anyone

Target any audience. Personalise product information for anyone with different attributes like descriptions, visuals, language, prices, currency, and more.

Data Orchestration


Turn browsers into buyers. Deliver compelling product experiences wherever customers touch your brand, from ecommerce websites and marketplaces to social media platforms and more.

Automate your commerce processes. Write rules that streamline business processes around product information. Work faster and boost productivity across your whole merchant operation.

Automate processes and unify your customer’s product experience

Simplify your merchandising. Optimise product categories, titles and descriptions. Catalog products for different channels. Sync inventory and pricing across all touchpoints.

Put the right product in front of the right customer, at the right time

Offer relevant promotions and never miss a sale. Publish the most meaningful information in the right channel, at the right time, and convert more visitors into valued buyers.

Channel Management


Synchronise information across multiple channels. Consistently engage any targeted audience with unified product experiences. Respond to market conditions fast by easily turning channels ‘on’ using out-of-the-box integrations or plug-in APIs.

Publish your product information
to any customer touchpoint

Connect to over 40 channels with simple configuration. Prebuilt integrations and open APIs let you easily move data across your entire commerce network. Publish product information seamlessly. Retrieve sales and customer data from all channels.

Connect endpoint systems, smartly

Create an agile merchant operating meshwork. Link your customer touchpoints, like websites, ecommerce, marketplaces and social, with your merchant systems; from ERP, POS and WMS to dropship, 3PL and Supplier Solutions.

Unify your product experience, whatever your industry

Whether you’re in retail, wholesale, manufacturing or distribution, Comestri helps you deliver a unified product experience.

As a SaaS platform, Comestri is a commerce hub that adds value across your whole business, from technology, ecommerce and marketing to merchandising, operations and more.

Grow your business locally or abroad

Industries we support:

  • Automotive & Parts
  • Clothing & Apparel
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Food & Beverages
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home & Building
  • Leisure, Fun & Toys
  • Sports & Recreation