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Our Story

Comestri is developed by the award-winning Fusion Factory.

Previously known as CommerceConnect, Comestri is the evolution of customer requirements that dates back to 2012. Initially born to help retailers extend product information to enhance descriptions, titles and imagery, Comestri has become a platform to harmonise master data into a single view, orchestrate information between systems and offer a unified product experience across multiple channels.

Less coding, more product experience

The idea of Comestri came to the Fusion Factory team after having completed many website integrations, with the motivation being to reduce the need for custom coding, middleware and point-to-point integration. Instead, the team wanted to develop a platform that empowers merchants to self-manage product information and enables them to control how it’s fed to customer touchpoints.

Today Comestri is released globally as a SaaS Commerce Hub that seamlessly stitches together many systems, improves data flow and takes control of critical end-to-end tasks, like:

For over a decade, Fusion Factory has helped retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors simplify management of product experiences across their customer’s shopping journey. Comestri is now trusted by leading merchants to put customers at the heart of their business and deliver a unified product experience.

Did we mention multi award-winning?

Comestri proudly won ‘Best Multi-Channel Technology Solution’ at the 2019 Solution Partner Excellence Awards run by the National Online Retail Association (NORA).

This is the 2nd year that Comestri has been recipient of the award having previously taken the title in 2018 under the banner of parent company, Fusion Factory.


Comestri has been developed by the Fusion Factory team, a group of people with extensive international business knowledge and experience in delivering solutions that are tailored to the needs of specialised markets, industries and business approaches.

As successful entrepreneurs who have previously built and nurtured highly profitable companies, the Fusion Factory team have produced Comerstri, a commerce hub that is empowering merchants and unifying the product experience.



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