eBay is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, boasting over 11M unique monthly visitors and 174M active buyers globally. Over 40,000 Australian businesses currently operate on, shipping to over 150 countries.

Comestri’s eBay Channel gives retailers access to new customers. Integrate your eCommerce platform (BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, SFCC and more) with your eBay store and other sales channels, and sell more every day.

Product fields and categories from Comestri’s Product Manager (PIM) are mapped to the corresponding fields and categories used by eBay, easily listing products on the marketplace. Sales are then imported and orders from all channels are processed in the one place – simple.

The Channel is currently available for eBay Australia, US, Canada and Mexico.

Comestri eBay Channel

“The eBay integration with Comestri gave us another digital channel to leverage a new audience and a new sales channel.”

Paula Mitchell, Chief Digital Officer


See how General Pants Co. adopted Comestri for their Marketplace solution to work with their existing ERP. They needed a technology partner who could simplify their processes and enable their strategy in an efficient manner, and so turned to Comestri.

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Core Features & Functions

Manage your product listings like a pro

Easily map categories either in bulk or individually. Set up additional eBay Store Category mapping to support your eBay store

Customise your channel configuration

Use Comestri’s Automation Engine to create rules to filter only the products you want to sell via your eBay channel

Comprehensive eBay listing management

Take complete control of your inventory

Supports Click & Collect

Set stock buffers to prevent stock outs

Robust order management

Import eBay orders into the one system for processing, and send shipment notifications back to eBay

Manage Shipment Policies, delivery costs, timeframes and any restrictions

… plus much, much more.

Download the full eBay Features & Functions Guide:

    How eBay integrates with Comestri

    eBay Comestri integration diagram

    Product information pushed from Comestri to eBay

    Orders placed on eBay are pushed back to Comestri

    Orders are fulfilled within Comestri or other OMS

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