Automate your commerce processes and work smarter.

Automate your commerce processes and work smarter.

Turn browsers into buyers by delivering compelling, relevant product experiences.

Put the right product in front of the right customer, at the right time, with Comestri’s Automation Engine.

Tailor product information per channel, per country and more. Publish it seamlessly across your commerce network, and sync inventory and pricing information for a consistent brand experience.

Automate your commerce processes.

Write rules that streamline business processes around product information. Work faster and boost productivity across your whole merchant operation.

Simplify your merchandising.

Optimise product categories, titles and descriptions. Catalog products for different channels. Sync inventory and pricing across all touchpoints.

Offer relevant and timely promotions.

Publish the most meaningful information in the right channel, at the right time, and convert more visitors into valued buyers. Never miss a sale!


Ecommerce Automation Software

Core Features & Functions

Work smarter

Use automation to help you work smarter by implementing and scheduling product rules, price rules and bulk operations.

Filter your inventory like a pro

Advanced filtering allows you to view products by their attributes, classes, categories and price books.

Automate your workflow

Filter and automate which products are published to each channel, and what information is published per channel.

… plus much, much more.

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