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How Williams Footwear Brought Dark Stores to Light

An article by Inside Retail

We’ve seen double-digit percentage growth in conversion and every time we roll ship-from-store further to more stores, we see continued options coming online and availability of sizes, so we’re getting more sales. So there’s two big wins.

Jay Munro, Munro Footwear Group CEO

Comestri advocate and long-term client Jay Munro, Munro Footwear Group CEO sat down with Inside Retail and Comestri’s own Frank Nesci, to talk dark stores.

After launching their dark stores last year, Williams Footwear also enabled ship from store functionality, resulting in faster delivery times and more in-store stock turning over.

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  • Faster delivery times

  • More inventory available

  • Sell stock quicker, before it does out of season

Retailers 100% need to do ship-from-store. You have to utilise your inventory. From stock turnovers to improved conversion to increased sales, it’s a no-brainer, but you’ve got to choose the right partners. You need the right backend, the data flows and the right smarts that Comestri can provide to manage that, particularly if you have a multi-store environment.

Jay Munro, Munro Footwear Group CEO

Ship from store functionality is made possible by unifying your inventory in a unified commerce solution. A Distributed Order Management system ensures all your inventory is live across your ecommerce ecosystem, extending your available to see inventory and giving customers the option to see instore inventory online,

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