Shopify Commerce Integration


Shopify is a world-class ecommerce platform that currently powers 7,000+ online brands in 175 countries and boasts total sales to date of $172B+. Powerful yet user-friendly, Shopify’s scalable cloud-based solution offers a long list of integrated features including automated marketing, built-in SEO and advanced analytics. Simple to use and built for growth, Shopify helps retailers of all sizes develop omnichannel solutions that let their customers buy anywhere, anytime.

Comestri’s Shopify Channel delivers a streamlined, unified buying experience for your customers by providing a seamless connection between your Shopify store and your extended ecommerce ecosystem.

Gazman Shopify Comestri

Comestri’s Shopify Channel maps the product information (product attributes, categories, prices, inventory levels) in your Comestri Product Manager (PIM) to your Shopify store/s. Orders are imported and passed back to Comestri OMS, your ERP or another OMS for processing. Once shipped, the Shopify Channel sends order updates back to your Shopify store.

Core Features & Functions

Manage your products like a pro

List both multi-level products (products with variants) and simple products (SKUs) on your Shopify store

Use Comestri’s Automation Engine to create rules that filter the products to sell in your Shopify store, marketplaces or other sales channels.

Add Shopify Options, Tags and Meta fields to products to further enrich your products. Add additional search-relevant details (e.g. handle, meta description, meta title) for enhanced SEO.

Powerful inventory management

Centralise your inventory across multiple Shopify sites and sales channels in Comestri’s Product Manager (PIM) and prevent sell-outs

Robust order management

Import orders from your ecommerce sites and other sales channels for processing within Comestri OMS or your own backend system

Update order status in Shopify for timely customer communications

More products in more channels

Connect other sales & marketing channels, business systems and suppliers to Comertri’s Product Manager (PIM) to centralise your entire ecommerce ecosystem

… plus much, much more.

Download the full Shopify Features & Functions Guide:

    How Shopify integrates with Comestri

    How Comestri connects Shopify with sales channels, marketplaces, ERP, WMS and more