OMS Order Management System & DOM Systems

An Introduction

eBook by Comestri

As OMS (Order Management System) or DOM (Distributed Order Management) System is a powerful tool for eCommerce. As the operations nerve centre, it will help optimise processes and communication for all touchpoints, collaborators and partners along the order lifecycle. It’s the central hub to view, manage and fulfil all customer orders. A seamless order management process is integral to positive customer experience.

In this eBook, we explore the differences between the two systems and the top reasons to implement a DOM. We discuss the benefits and how to select the right tool for you. We look at the essential functions and features you need and why they’re important.

OMS Order Management System eBook Cover

This OMS eBook is perfect for:

  • Supply Chain / Logistics
  • Ecommerce & Marketing Managers
  • Retail Operations
  • Customer Service
  • Finance

Are you selling products through multiple channels (ecommerce sites, marketplaces etc)? Are you still manually processing orders? Do you have a network of retail stores, warehouses, suppliers or dropshippers? This eBook is for you. An OMS (Order Management System) or DOM (Distributed Order Management) System gives you the flexibility to support multiple channels, fulfilment methods, fulfilment locations and return points.

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Optimised order management and fulfilment processes drive exceptional customer experience.

Comestri’s OMS helps retailers unlock the potential of their retail stores, warehouses, fulfilment centres and drop ship locations. The incredibly sophisticated rules in the Order Management Systems makes fulfilment smarter and enables the shipping options that customers expect. Check out more business benefits on an OMS here.