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Cyber Weekend 2022

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Cyber Weekend 2022 came with mixed expectations. Retail sales declined for the first time in October, dropping 0.2%. Inflation, the rising cost of living, interest rates… it’s not a pretty picture. With all this in mind, how did Cyber Weekend 2022 shape up?

The Great Consumer Shift: Shopping Behaviours

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We have seen many shifts in consumer behaviour over the last few years, from incentives to shopping online, hurdles for retailers such as fulfillment processes and the overall customer experience. Read more to find out how you can adapt your business to recent changes in shopping behaviours.

Case Study: Lorna Jane

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Learn how Comestri’s PIM + OMS brought Lorna Jane’s products and orders together for the first time, realising their ecommerce vision to ‘never miss a sale’. The shift empowers a sell-to-the-last-item mindset, optimising the inventory to the last unit and giving managers a sense of purpose as true collaborators on the Lorna Jane omnichannel journey.

What Are You Doing To Be More Sustainable?

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Many brands are making important strides towards a more sustainable future but until now there hasn’t been an event or platform that exists to showcase these efforts to a new generation of more eco-conscious consumers. That's how Green Friday was founded, a 4-day event that will allow Australian consumers to shop sustainable and ethical offers from Australia’s best brands.

How To Win at Last Mile Delivery


We sat down with Shippit to understand how retailers can not only be better prepared, but how their supply chain can provide an exceptional customer experience and give them a competitive edge.

How to Find New Ecommerce Software That Meets Your Needs

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One of the hardest parts about choosing software is finding a solution that works for your business as well as your tech stack. A system that can ‘plug and play’ no matter your set up, makes everything simple. Whether your tech stack is homegrown, headless or off-the-shelf Comestri can work around you, supporting you to focus on your business growth and customer experience.

Replatforming – Keeping Momentum


As companies get ready to re-platform there is often fear of disruptions. Find out how PIM helps you keep momentum with all your marketing efforts, without the fear of losing out on any customer engagement.

The Future of Online Marketplaces

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An omnichannel strategy is your best option for growing your brand in 2022 — and one that integrates online marketplaces can be used to great effect. Find out why online marketplaces are leading the way and how you can adopt technical changes to boost your business.

Let’s Get Techy


Comestri recently joined forces with Findologic and Omteria for a technical look at connected API ecosystems, drilling into the benefits for technical professionals, how to physically set it all up and advice surrounding recommended APIs and how to leverage them.

Product SEO

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Getting your products seen is one of the greatest battles of online retailing; nailing SEO on these pages is arguably more important than on your homepage! Check out how to win at product SEO.

Managing the Workload of Multiple Marketplaces


Marketplaces are growing and brands are on board, but how do you manage the increased admin involved in launching across multiple channels? Consistent product information tailored to each channel, categorisation, inventory, orders, refunds and returns … a nightmare! A centralised hub for all your ecommerce data is the answer.

Composable Commerce Summit

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Comestri’s Ben Cook recently presented at Overdose’s Composable Commerce Summit. Check out his presentation on supporting a composable world with an API led approach for product, inventory, delivery and pricing data. Tune in for real-world examples of some of Comestri’s forward-thinking and future-driven clients and leading the way with their composable approach to commerce.

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