What Are You Doing To Be More Sustainable?

Ever since COVID hit in 2020, retailers have had to rejig the way they operate to accommodate changing consumer tastes and expectations when it comes to sustainability. There is a lot more demand for transparency, accountability and corporate responsibility. According to Gumtree’s Circular Economy report 2021, 86% of consumers said sustainable practices inform their purchasing decisions when buying brand new. This is indicative of Gen Z and Millennials purchasing behaviours, basing their decisions on the sustainability initiatives of a brand, from sourcing materials, fair trade and sustainable packaging.

It’s never been more important to focus on eco-ethical practices in today’s climate, not only to win the loyalty of consumers but for the wellbeing of our planet. This is also evident in Power Retail’s Sustainability Spotlight Report highlighting that 55% of Aussies say that they would return to a retailer that has sustainable or partakes in ethical practices. This was also substantiated by this year’s election results, with climate change being top of mind in the polls.

Many brands are making important strides towards a more sustainable future but until now there hasn’t been an event or platform that exists to showcase these efforts to a new generation of more eco-conscious consumers – that’s why Green Friday was founded.

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The Green Friday Movement

Green Friday is Australia’s first online sustainable event that runs from 18 – 21 November every year, which came to light in response Black Friday’s compulsive consumption. The idea is, that consumers can shop with a conscience and find amazing sustainable deals from retailers. In turn, retailers find new customers and get to showcase how they’re taking steps to contribute to an ethical, more sustainable online retail industry.

Consumers will be able to scroll through sustainable offers across 30+ categories including home, personal care, fashion, food & health, sports/outdoor/travel, rental, electric vehicles, services and more.

Green Friday is also a 1% for the Planet member, and a Plant a Tree program partner, so they’re doing their bit for the environment too. We know consumers are making decisions based on what brands are doing to leave the planet in a better place than they found it, so it’s a great way for online stores to really make a difference.

55% of Aussies say that they would return to a retailer that has sustainable or partakes in ethical practices.

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“These days, consumers aren’t looking for perfection, they just want to shop more consciously. That’s why Green Friday created a 4-day event that allows Australian consumers to shop for sustainable and ethical offers from Australia’s best brands.“

Green Friday is brought to you by the Co-Founder of Click Frenzy, Peter Krideras. With a history of launching successful eCommerce events, Green Friday won’t be one to miss!

From the 18th-21st of November, they will be turning the internet GREEN. If you’re a retailer or brand who is on your sustainable journey or you have launched an innovative sustainable line they want to hear from you!

If you’re keen to get involved, reach out to or visit

Peter Krideras - Co-founder

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