The Top 3 Reasons You Need a PIM Tool

A PIM tool (product information management) is essential for ecommerce. While your ecommerce platform may provide a lot of PIM functionality, it doesn’t provide the full feature set that a PIM tool does. Any retailer with over 1000 SKUs would benefit greatly from a PIM tool and here’s why!

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Boost searchability and increase conversions with enriched product content

A PIM tool stores product data in a structured and logical format. Products are given limitless attributes, making them easier to find and highly searchable. Rich content, such as product descriptions and emotive imagery, make products more appealing to customers. Conversions increase, returns decrease.

The difference a between an integrated PIM and your ecommerce platform is the ability to import product information from anywhere, and publish tailored product information anywhere. For example, am eBay product title is very different to the product title on your ecommerce website. Similarly, different products have different names in different markets (e.g. trousers, pants, slacks, etc). A PIM tool can manage this information in the one place, giving you one single source of truth for all your product content.

Product Content That Converts

Get your products found, increase conversions and reduce returns with a touch of content magic.

Sell anywhere, ship anywhere with omnichannel retailing

Increase sales by publishing products to sales and marketing channels, such as eBay, Amazon, Catch, My Deal and many more.

Market your products in multiple regions, languages and currencies and reach a global audience.

A PIM tool coupled with a Distributed OMS is essential – synchronise your inventory and pricing across all channels for a true omnichannel experience. Any location with stock can be a fulfillment location; a retail store, warehouse, dropshipper and more. Live inventory within the DOM System will sync with your PIM tool, ensuring no stock outs and giving customers a better brand experience.

Comestri PIM tool diagram

Sell anywhere, ship anywhere with omnichannel retailing

As the single source of truth for your product data, inventory, orders and fulfillment, your PIM is the backbone of your entire ecommerce operation.

Key stakeholders across the business can not only see everything, but can also export product, inventory and order data out of the PIM tool into other business applications as required.

Sell products internationally and via multiple channels (ecommerce sites, marketplaces, sales channels, etc.)

Import data from multiple suppliers, worldwide.

Sell globally with market-specific product data, such as languages and currencies.

Facilitate next-level personalisation services that support our localisation strategy across different regions.

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