Why an Order Management System is Essential.

Consumers have changed the way they shop. They will shop where and how they want; they’ve changed their behavior and retailers need to keep up. The delivery experience is more important than ever and an Order Management System is essential for retail success.

What is an OMS (Order Management System?

An OMS is a platform that connects into your PIM to manage and track sales, orders, inventory and fulfillment from all sales channels. It automates and streamlines all the processes involved from when an order is placed through to delivery and returns.

A Distributed Order Management (DOM) System also includes a single, global view of real-time inventory and inventory locations. This additional layer of intelligence allows retailers to truly optimize their inventory allocation, fulfillment and distribution. In its most basic form, the Distributed OMS can fulfil a customer order from any location, based on predefined rules such as product availability, customer location and business priorities (fastest shipping, lowest shipping cost, etc.).

Consumers expect omnichannel features such as click & collect, ship from store, endless aisle and instore returns – live inventory within a Distributed OMS enables this.

Order Management System for Ecommerce
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Why is an OMS Essential for Retailers?

Consumers expect more. They demand a seamless and exceptional brand experience throughout their buying journey. With a DOM, customers have access to a wider range of products as every item of inventory is available to sell, no matter where it’s located. Being real-time, there’s no risk of stock-outs and the customer can be confident that the item they’re purchasing will be delivered to them as promised. Adyen estimates the business impact of out-of-stocks in Australia to be worth $14bn, with 83% of shoppers choosing to leave a store due to an item they wanted being out of stock.

With automated workflows and intelligent rules, orders are turned around more efficiently and delivered to the customer sooner at a lower cost. Constant communication throughout the fulfilment process gives them peace of mind and confidence their order is on it’s way to them.

Leveraging cross-channel technologies to provide a truly omnichannel experience for the customer not only builds brand loyalty, but also recaptures lost opportunities.

An Order Management System can help you streamline your order process, from inventory availability through to shipping, tracking and returns.

The Order Process

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