The Rise of the Marketplace

It’s no surprise that Marketplaces are dominating ecommerce, both locally and across the world. In 2019, marketplace sales accounted for 58% of all web sales globally.

Marketplaces were the dominant channel in 2019, growing 23.9% YoY and accounting for over 60% of Variety Store purchases in 2019. eBay is still the most visited marketplace in Australia, despite losing traffic to new players entering the market. Amazon’s Australian domain experienced 600% growth between 2016 – 2019, and Catch saw a 24% YoY increase in traffic between February – October 2019.

On average, Australians spend $104 per month on marketplaces.

Globally, consumers spent $2.03 trillion on the top 100 online marketplaces in 2019.

Top Marketplaces Globally
(By Marketplace GMV)

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While it’s clear that marketplaces are growing in popularity with consumers, only 50% of Aussie retailers have embraced them. 97% of Aussies have shopped on at least one marketplace; 88% of us have shopped on eBay alone!

Convenience seems to be key for consumers, with 29% of online shoppers reported to have made fewer purchases in retailers’ own stores in the past year as a result of shopping on online marketplaces.

88% of Australian consumers have made a purchase from eBay, yet only 26% of retailers are selling on this platform.

55% of Australian consumers have made a purchase from Amazon, yet only 10% of retailers are selling on this platform.

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Retailer’s Key Objectives for Selling on Online Marketplaces


To reach new customer segments within Australia


To grow/improve customer database


To increase awareness and trust in brand


To increase sales with existing customers


To drive customers to website/physical store


To sell excess stock

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Top Marketplaces in Australia

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