Support for eBay Managed Payments

Comestri now supports eBay’s recently introduced managed payments functionality.

Through this new capability, eBay manages the end-to-end selling experience for sellers who are activated on eBay managed payments. Sellers no longer need a third-party payments processor and there is no separate payment processing fee for selling on eBay. For most sellers, this will result in overall savings.

Both existing and new Comestri eBay Channels enable sellers to access all the benefits of eBay’s Managed Payments.

eBay Managed Payments – Benefits

Easier buying experience – eBay’s checkout process is now more flexible, ensuring a better buying experience. Buyers will have more ways to pay, including credit, debit and gift cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and Afterpay.

Simpler payment process – eBay final value fees are now netted at time of transaction, with the balance automatically paid out directly to the seller’s bank account.

Streamlined management – Sellers can now operate more effectively, thanks to a single source for fees, customised reports, simplified protections and dedicated support.

Reliably secure data – Robust data security procedures ensure that information shared by sellers with eBay is safe. eBay also supports two-factor authentication, which sellers can leverage to establish an additional layer of security. When two-factor authentication is enabled, sellers will need to authenticate the login credentials associated with their eBay account via SMS or push notifications if they have the eBay app on their iOS or Android device.

You can find more information about eBay Managed Payments on the eBay Seller Centre HERE.

Contact your Comestri Account Manager for details of how to enable eBay managed payments in the Comestri eBay Channel.