Ship from Store.

Unlock the potential of your retail stores for smarter fulfillment.

Enable ship from store functionality to turn stores into mini-distribution centres, and ship products from the closest location to the customer.

Optimise delivery to surprise and delight customers.

Keep stock turning over.

Unify your inventory to ensure every item is available to be sold, no matter where it’s located. Maximise your ATS (available to sell) inventory online and avoid stock-outs.

Optimise delivery.

Ship from the closest location to the customer for faster, cheaper shipping. Help reduce the carbon footprint of deliveries.

Order instore.

Empower staff to never miss a sale by enabling instore ordering. Out of stock items can be ordered and shipped directly to the customer, providing an amazing customer experience.

Retailers 100% need to do ship-from-store. You have to utilise your inventory. From stock turnovers to improved conversion to increased sales, it’s a no-brainer, but you’ve got to choose the right partners. You need the right backend, the data flows and the right smarts that Comestri can provide to manage that, particularly if you have a multi-store environment.

Jay Munro, Munro Footwear Group CEO

Check out how Williams Footwear saw double-digit percentage growth in conversion by enabling ship from store functionality.

What is Ship from Store?

Ship from store functionality enables retail stores to receive orders for fulfillment, no matter where the sale took place. Product data for all inventory is held in a PIM (product information management), published to sales and marketing channels via commerce integration connectors, and inventory & orders managed with a distributed order management solution. A unified commerce solution connects all these elements, as well as other critical business systems, within the one system, ensuring inventory is live and available to be sold and fulfilled from anywhere.

Illustration of a man sitting in a chair having his online order delivered to him

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