4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Order Management Software for Ecommerce

Now more than ever, Order Management Software is vital for ecommerce. Consumers have changed the way they shop; expectations are higher than ever, and global competition is rampant.

Order management software is a central hub for ecommerce that tracks sales, orders, inventory, locations and fulfillment from all sales channels. It provides a single, global view of everything that’s “available to sell”, tracks order allocations, manages buffer stock and provides real-time stock availability to all sales channels to protect against overselling.

How to get the most out of your Order Management Software Ecommerce

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Connect ALL your inventory locations to allow customers to search stock close to them

Give your products the best chance of converting by allowing customers to find them. Add current available stock counts to give a sense of urgency.

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Ensure retail staff have the capacity and training to pick and pack orders and process click and collect orders.

Untrained staff will not only give customers a bad experience instore, but also will give them a negative brand experience. If they don’t have the capacity (e.g. after a big sale), send their orders to another location for fulfilment to ensure they’re delivered to the customer asap!

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Accept returns instore and make the process quick and easy

Make a bad product experience a great brand experience and your customers will come back for more. Accept that returns are a part of retail and ensure the post-purchase experience is as considered as the purchase experience.

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Create rules to optimise inventory, fulfillment and delivery

Send orders to the closest fulfillment location with stock for the fastest and cheapest delivery. Or don’t. Create rules that fit with your business goals and processes. The flexibility is there to optimise however which way you like.

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