An Introduction to PIM

eBook by Comestri

A PIM (or Product Information Management environment) is a vital tool for winning at ecommerce. It’s a central hub to manage your product information; raw data comes in, it’s enriched and optimised, then distributed out to relevant channels.

In this eBook, we explore the top reasons to implement a PIM, the overall benefits and how to select the right PIM for you. We look at the essential functions and features you need and why they’re important.

An introduction to Product Information Management

This PIM Ebook is perfect for:

  • Merchandise Planners
  • Ecommerce & Marketing Managers
  • Supply Chain / Logistics
  • Customer Service
  • Finance

Are you selling products through multiple channels (ecommerce sites, marketplaces etc)? Do you import data from multiple suppliers, and need to centrally manage it? Thinking about expanding globally? This eBook is for you.

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Your PIM will become the backbone of your entire commerce operation – make sure you pick the right one for you! There are many options available with different features and at different price points.

Comestri’s PIM helps retailers take control of their ecommerce product data. The Product Manager tool provides all the tools needed to turn product data into rich product information, giving products every chance to shine with limitless attributes, customisable per channel.

CASE STUDY: Read how Comestri’s platform enables APG & Co ecommerce and digital teams. The PIM and Channel Manager allows them to quickly and easily leverage new sales channels and enables a true omnichannel experience for their customers.

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