Why should you use the ‘PIM’ tool for your Magento store?

Magento Commerce (Adobe Commerce powered by Magento) is one of the top open-source ecommerce platforms for retailers. Magento boasts a global ecosystem of 315,000 developers and a network of 1,150+ highly-trained technology and solution partners. $155 billion in gross merchandise volume is transacted on the platform annually from a large, global customer base.

Comestri’s PIM and OMS can be integrated with Magento Commerce 2, providing a seamless connection between your Magento store/s and your wider ecommerce ecosystem to deliver a unified, streamlined buying experience for your customers.

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Benefits of a PIM for Magento Commerce

Consolidate data from multiple systems.

Enrich data and tailor product information for all websites, ecommerce, marketplaces and dropship programs. Synchronise inventory and pricing across all channels. And manage everything from one place.

Boost searchability and conversion rates.

With enriched content like descriptions, attributes, images and videos, customers will make fewer purchase mistakes. You’ll have more returning customers with a reduction in returned orders.

Target any audience (and new ones, too!)

Personalise product information for anyone with different attributes like descriptions, visuals, language, prices, currency, and more, all within your Product Information Manager.

Why do you need a PIM integration with Magento?

While Magento is a fantastic platform with some amazing, user-friendly and intuitive features, it simply does not have the robust product information management capabilities that are needed for today’s digital consumer.

Product content is imperative to retail success. In a digital environment, customers can’t use their senses to experience the product prior to purchasing; they’re solely reliant on product data to make an informed buying decision.

When every tiny detail counts, your product description must be thorough. It should be emotive yet descriptive and express the core features and function of the product. What does it feel like? How does it work? What’s the fit like? What’s the texture? The more relevant content, the better. Unfortunately, Magento’s ecommerce platform doesn’t have the capabilities to support robust product information, nor the data structure required for discoverability. Structured data makes products easier to find and helps with conversions. By assigning relevant attributes to your product, consumers can find exactly what they’re looking for and have a deeper understanding of what they’re about to purchase.

Comestri’s integration with Magento allows retailers to take their product listings to the next level, with support for diverse product models through a combination of Magento Configurable, Simple and Grouped Products for optimal flexibility. The integration offers multi-store, multi-language and multi-currency support, meaning you can manage products for multiple websites and multiple countries within the one platform.

How Magento 2 integrates with Comestri

What are the main PIM features to implement in Magento?

Integrating a PIM with Magento unlocks a range of features for your ecommerce business:

Enhanced product enrichment

List products using highly complex product models to help your products get found.

Supercharged SEO

Use advanced and additional product attributes, meta descriptions, meta titles, etc. to help your products get found.

Cross sell and upsell opportunities

Grouped products, product kits and related products can help up that basket size.

Robust order management

Manage orders from all sales channels within Comestri’s OMS.

Centralised inventory management

Centralize inventory across multiple sites and sales to prevent sell-outs.

As the single source of inventory truth across your commerce ecosystem, businesses benefit from increased visibility of their commerce business. Connect additional sales and marketing channels to your PIM, such as eBay, Amazon, and more to increase your product availability online. By managing all your products within a PIM, product data remains consistent across all channels, making product updates is a breeze and retailers have the flexibility to switch channels on and off as they please.

Integrate your Magento 2 store with Comestri’s PIM to:

  • Complete your unified commerce strategy
    Unify your ecommerce operations for a seamless, friction-free customer experience.

  • Scale up or scale down
    Turn sales channels, websites, countries, stores and fulfillment locations on or off, depending on business requirements.

  • Sell  more every day
    Put more products in more channels, increase discoverability and empower consumers to convert with compelling product content.

Distributed OMS

CASE STUDY: RAG unifies, streamlines and automates data with Comestri and Magento.

With Comestri, we now have a centralised solution to manage the data for our five iconic brands. This also includes managing our variable sale price adjustments, previously handled manually in the POS system. We now have uniform pricing between our bricks and mortar and online sales channels, all in one system..”

Peter Ratcliffe / Head of Digital (fmr)

How to Integrate a PIM system into Magento 2?

Comestri’s integration with Magento 2 is simple. Our experienced team will get you set up and running in no time at all, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Our advanced data transformation capabilities means you can import data from wherever it’s held into Comestri’s PIM, to be mapped over to the relevant fields. Define a product completeness criteria for greater control over the quality of data, and ensure your data is good data – always! The Automation Engine within Comestri’s platform makes enriching and transforming products quick and simple, allowing you more time to focus on the business of selling.  

Take your Magento store to the next level with an integration with Comestri’s PIM for ecommerce. Once integrated, take full advantage of the power of Comestri’s ecommerce hub: unify product data, produce meaningful content and reach any customer with compelling product information that optimises conversion rates.

Interested in implementing PIM solutions to your Magento store?

Talk to Comestri today about how a PIM integration with Magento can help take your business to the next level. Our Magento PIM connector can help you sell more everyday!