Click & Collect.

Offer customers convenience and boost instore foot traffic.

Unify your inventory and offer your customers click & collect.

Give customers a fast and safe option to collect their online purchases, and empower instore staff to delivery an awesome customer experience.

Enable “true” Click & Collect.

With unified inventory, customers can see store stock available at each location to them. As only available stock is available for collection, retailers can offer 30 min to 2 hour collections for an amazing customer experience.

Optimise operational costs.

With no delivery fees, your cost to fulfil the order decreases. Customers also have the option to return or exchange instore when collecting if the item is not to their satisfaction, removing the cost of returns .

Reimagine your retail stores.

Empower staff to never miss a sale by enabling instore ordering. Out of stock items can be ordered and shipped directly to the customer, providing an amazing customer experience.

We saw a +44% increase in November’s sales YoY and doubled our available to sell (ATS) inventory. During December trade we were able to triple our ATS inventory.

Brad Hodel, Head of Business Intelligence

See how Glue Store enabled Click & Collect and Ship from Store functionality just in time for the busy holiday sales period.

What is Click & Collect?

It is the fastest growing fulfillment method, exploding in popularity since the pandemic. “True” click & collect is where customers can view available inventory online, and select their closest location to collect their order from. Some retailers offer BOPIS for inventory not currently available within the selected store, and initiate a store to store transfer to fulfil the order.

Almost half of all shoppers will use BOPIS to avoid shipping charges.

50% of shoppers will buy additional items when picking up an order instore.

54% of shoppers are willing to travel between 2-5 miles to collect an online order.

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