Case Study: Glue Store

Glue Store & Comestri. Ecommerce simplified.

For over two decades, Glue Store has been at the forefront of youth-oriented fast fashion. Glue have over 20 stores with a huge range of brands including major labels like Polo Ralph Lauren, Stussy, Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Ellesse, and Champion.

When their ecommerce platform license was up for renewal, the team at Glue decided to re-platform. As the re-platforming process was underway, Head of Business Intelligence, Brad Hodel wanted to ensure that Glue had software connecting their commerce ecosystem that would enhance their new ecommerce offering to new heights.

After an in-depth selection process run by an external partner, Comestri was chosen alongside Shopify Plus.

Brad was no stranger to the Comestri platform, having seen Comestri in action for other brands.

The project needed a fast turnaround and it was decided to split the project into two phases.

Phase one was the rollout of PIM and Channel Manager in preparation for the launch of their new ecommerce site in only 8 weeks.

“I’m not going to lie, it pushed me personally to a whole other level considering the question how do we relaunch an enterprise-level website in 8 weeks?” said Brad.

“Overall, it was a good experience, it was challenging but working with Comestri’s support I couldn’t have done it without them.”

“Having all systems [PIM, Channel Manager, OMS] with one partner has made ecommerce operations so easy.

Where we used to manage & delegate between three different companies & teams, we now have peace of mind working with just one.

Comestri is a no brainer!”

Brad Hodel, Head of Business Intelligence

“From my point of view, working with the backend of systems more closely, we needed to invest in a middleware software that’s not going to slow us down in the future and scale with the business.”

The launch of PIM and Channel Manager was a success and then it was straight into phase two ofthe project, rollout of Comestri OMS on a four-week turnaround in time for one of the biggest sales events of the year, Click Frenzy.

“We needed to get Click & Collect and Click & Send functionality up at 20 locations before Click Frenzy. The week before the event everything was up and live and we ended up having the biggest one we’ve had to date. Thanks to the new infrastructure we saw a +44% increase in November’s sales YoY and doubled our available to sell (ATS) inventory. During December trade we were able to triple our ATS inventory.”

Having used a competitor for order fulfillment in the past, Brad had no concerns with staff in store picking up the process, however, he was impressed with just how easy it was.

“As soon as we had the system in stores, everyone took to it like a duck to water. Previously they had to login across 3 different systems just to complete an order. The good thing about the OMS portal is that it brings everything into one application.”

After making it through the busy holiday sales period, Brad was able to take a well-deserved holiday in January with peace of mind that Glue’s ecommerce system would thrive.

Glue doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon with plans to expand their reach to more marketplaces & channels as well as focusing on improving the Customer Journey.


Software that won’t slow down and be scalable for the future


Simplifying the ecommerce experience & process


An ecommerce solution that just works

“If you set it up right from day one and integrate it properly then it just works and that’s what it should be. For so long we made ecommerce so hard but now it’s just easy. The amount of time, effort & headaches we have saved is almost priceless.”

Brad Hodel, Head of Business Intelligence

Glue Store promotional image. 5 people wearing denim.

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