Case Study: General Pants Co.

General Pants Co. connects to more customers where they buy with Comestri

Founded 45 years ago, Sydney-based General Pants Co. are one of the foremost suppliers of streetwear fashion. When it comes to helping you find your personal style, they live in a world with no boundaries. General Pants have 55 stores with a global website, selling both local and international brands including Ksubi, The North Face, Tommy Jeans, Stussy, Vans and Converse.

When the strategic decision was made to expand their offering into marketplaces, Chief Digital Officer Paula Mitchell and eCommerce Manager Federico Jalil said the only choice was Comestri.

The team needed a marketplace solution that worked with their existing ERP. They needed a technology partner who could simplify their processes and enable their strategy in an efficient manner.

General Pants implemented Comestri in late 2019; just in time for the massive consumer shift to eCommerce in early 2020. As the nation saw most bricks and mortar stores close for an unknown period of time, General Pants were able to quickly launch new sales channels.

“When it came time to find a marketplace connector, we didn’t look anywhere else…

I knew Comestri was a robust tool and I had heard really good things, the technology was good and we had great references from other retail businesses.”

Paula Mitchell, Chief Digital Officer

“The intention was to find a piece of technology to help us streamline our marketplace strategy, we started looking at Comestri as a platform to help us handle and manage multiple marketplaces and make our lives easier.”

Although initially only implemented for channel management, Paula and Federico are excited about the capabilities of Comestri’s PIM (Product Information Management) tool. They see the opportunity to use the PIM to power their entire eCommerce offering and how it can positively impact the business.

“We discovered that we could use additional functionality of Comestri to drive our website catalogue. From a stock management or inventory attribute management point of view, Comestri has some great capability that can be utilised outside of marketplaces,” explains Federico.

As we look to a new world of retail, having the right technology in place will put retail merchants in the best possible position to achieve success. The ability to quickly and easily leverage new audiences through new sales channels while still giving consumers a strong and consistent brand experience is a must. General Pants are ready to take on this new world with a strong technology partner in Comestri.


Ability to pivot quickly, adapt to changing market conditions.


One platform to manage multiple marketplaces – less resourcing required.


Access new audiences through new sales channels.

“If we didn’t have Comestri in play, we wouldn’t have been able to launch our eBay store during this period… it allowed us to be quicker to market as soon as our stores shut. The eBay integration with Comestri gave us another digital channel to leverage a new audience and a new sales channel during this period.”

Paula Mitchell, Chief Digital Officer

General Pants store. Tables of jeans.

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