Case Study: Seafolly

Comestri Enables a True Omnichannel Experience for Seafolly

The iconic 40 year old swimwear brand embodies the spirit of the Australian summer filled with sun, surf and sand. Founded on heritage, quality and style, Seafolly is classically Australian. They’re bold, and not afraid to explore and stand out from the crowd.

Seafolly boasts 25 concept stores across 3 continents and is sold in over 2,700 locations in 41 countries. As they looked to further expand and grow their business, IT Director Nathan Alexander knew their current ecommerce solution needed an upgrade.

“When we started to look at what our options were in replacing our technology stack, and when we started to look at new ecommerce platforms, we realised that we wanted to make the architecture much more robust in the future to support the business growth.

“To do that, we knew we needed better middleware in place to account for the current shortfalls of the APIs. We also wanted a piece of technology that would enable us to optimise our ecommerce channel, especially with respect to SEO and onboarding new channels and new marketplaces,” said Nathan.

Seafolly upgraded to Salesforce Commerce CloudCRM and Marketing Cloud, complimenting their Apparel 21 ERP solution.

“I always recommend Comestri… they have many years in integration alone, but they also understand retail and the challenges retailers have. One of the best things is that they truly work in partnership with your business.

They are one of our strongest partners… it all comes back to trust and delivering what they say they’re going to deliver.”

Nathan Alexander, IT Director

“Comestri has had a lot of experience with our systems; they’ve had experience with AP21 and Salesforce and a lot of marketplace experience. Given our growth objectives for marketplaces and for international growth, it made sense for us to partner with and leverage Comestri and FLOW to power that integration.”

“The process of managing our ecommerce is now simpler and the business benefit of being able to onboard new marketplaces and channels quickly and simply.

“The platform enables our digital and ecommerce team; it makes their life easier,” he added.

“Without Comestri, we wouldn’t have been able to build out our (CRM) integration. They’ve enabled us to integrate and launch our CRM and to enter new marketplaces and new sales channels that wouldn’t have been possible before.


Enablement of a true omnichannel experience


Quickly and easily leverage new sales channels


Robust technology stack to support future growth


Streamline processes and driving efficiency gains

“Comestri is the technology that will help us tie together our bricks and mortar stores with our digital channels to get to that place; that true omnichannel customer experience. Fusion Factory will power that for us.”

Nathan Alexander, IT Director

Seafolly own your folly