Welcome to the new Comestri!

2020 will be a year of big changes for us and we have some exciting news to kick it off!

In February, Fusion Factory and Purecomm will be rebranded under one universal brand, Comestri. In line with our global expansion plans, it is a logical choice to create one strong unified brand across our global partner network and offices in Australia, UK and Hong Kong.

We hope you enjoy the new branding as it represents the enterprise-level technology that we provide, and a refreshed user interface to our platform.


What does this mean for:


Our emails have changed from @fusionfactory.com & @purecomm.com to @comestri.com globally. From February, please make these changes in your address book. If you forget, that’s totally fine, our old emails will be redirected and all replies will be from @comestri.com.


Please ensure your accounts department are aware of the name change – while our business and account details remain the same, our company name should be updated to Comestri in your system.


FLOW is a massive part of our business and will remain a service offered in Australia. FLOW software will remain a tool used by our Comestri Integration Services Team and for our existing customers using FLOW, it will be business as usual.


Support emails will also be changed to @comestri.com across all platforms.


Reach out to info@comestri.com or call +61 2 8026 6800