Unified Inventory.

One single source of inventory truth for all your sales and marketing channels.

Sell and ship from any location with stock, and create business rules to automate the distribution of orders to the most logical fulfillment location with a unified inventory solution.

Expand your available to sell inventory across your online and offline sales channels, keep stock turning over and minimise the impact of distressed stock.

Enable omnichannel.

Turn on Click & Collect, Ship from Store, View Instore Inventory Online, Instore Returns and more with one single source of inventory truth.

Boost conversions.

Customers demand real-time inventory information; product searches containing “available near me” grew by more than 2X across regions and categories in 2020.

Keep stock turning over.

Ensure every item is available to be sold, no matter where it’s located. Reduce the impact of distressed stock, maximise your online inventory online and avoid stock-outs.

We saw a +44% increase in November’s sales YoY and doubled our available to sell (ATS) inventory. During December trade we were able to triple our ATS inventory.

Brad Hodel, Head of Business Intelligence

See how Glue Store enabled Click & Collect and Ship from Store functionality just in time for the busy holiday sales period.

What is Unified Inventory?

Unified inventory is smarter inventory management. With a single source of inventory truth, live stock counts are available online, allowing customers to check instore stock, click & collect and click & reserve.

Where is the stock relative to the customer? How many items are left at the closest store? Where else can the order be fulfilled from? A unified commerce solution allows for informed decisions to be made real-time, presenting the customer with all available options at checkout, generating an amazing customer experience.

Knowing where inventory is located also empowers store staff to make the sale, even if the item in question isn’t available in their store. Order instore, ship to home is also a powerful tool for retailers to never miss a sale.

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