PIM Solution – Do I Really Need One?

A PIM Solution is essential for any successful retail business. If you’re using your ecommerce platform as a PIM, you may be missing out on some features of an external PIM solution that can help take your retail business to the next level. Whether you’re using BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento or another platform, an external PIM solution can help supercharge your ecommerce platform and help you succeed.

Essential Features of a PIM Solution

A PIM (or Product Information Management) is a software environment where product information is stored in a logical and efficient structure. It is the single source of truth for all product data; a PIM provides a central hub where ecommerce product data is enriched, standardised and categorised. For each product, the best PIM for ecommerce should hold product data, product attributes, taxonomy & relationships, digital assets, marketing data, pricing information and inventory.

Number 1

Easy implementation and a SaaS-based, flexible environment

No one wants to spend months on implementation – your PIM should connect all the pieces of your existing infrastructure with ease. A PIM with pre-built integrations to core applications will simplify and streamline this process, as well as save your developmental costs.

Once you’re up and running, a PIM should offer the ability to quickly switch channels off and on as your requirements or the market changes. A PIM solution with this functionality built in will save you valuable time and development costs, as well as give you the ability to be agile and stay on top of the game.

Number 2


As your company grows, you need to ensure your data and channels can grow with you. A SaaS-based PIM solution will support business growth, ensuring your data is ready for the next step of your expansion.

Number 3

A Support Team You Can Trust

The team supporting your PIM are an expansion of your own internal team. You need 100% confidence in their experience and their ability to provide the support you need.

“With Comestri, we now have a centralised solution to manage the data for our five iconic brands. This also includes managing our variable sale price adjustments, previously handled manually in the POS system.

We now have uniform pricing between our bricks and mortar and online sales channels, all in one system.”

Peter Ratcliffe, Head of Digital – Retail Apparel Group

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See how Retail Apparel Group (RAG) implemented Comestri’s PIM solution, unifying, streamlining and automating their data. By providing an exceptional online experience and making the shopping journey easier, RAG have seen an increase in repeat purchases and a large uplift in online sales.


What Exactly Is a PIM?

A PIM solution is a piece of software that holds your product data, and integrates with ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, sales and marketing channels and other business systems. Product data is consolidated in a PIM , ensuring consistency across your entire ecommerce network.

Legacy PIM systems are often clunky and require costly and timely development. A more intuitive, SaaS-based model (such as Comestri) is more agile and user-friendly, making your job easier.

A PIM orchestrates the data flow between channels:

Comestri PIM Diagram

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