Comestri’s Pro Tips for
Exceptional Product Content

Get Your Products Found.Sold.

Better product data is key to making your products stand out from the crowd, be found and be sold. Here are our pro tips for exceptional product content.

Tell it like it is.

When every tiny detail counts, your product description must be thorough. It should be emotive yet descriptive and express the core features and function of the product. What does it feel like? How does it work? What’s the fit like? What’s the texture? The more relevant content, the better.

Structured data makes products easier to find and helps with conversions. By assigning relevant attributes to your product, consumers can find exactly what they’re looking for and have a deeper understanding of what they’re about to purchase.

Consider these product attributes, and be sure to add your own relevant to your product:

Infographic style illustration of online shopping data

USG (user generated content) is also a fantastic source of information. Reviews from actual customers not only builds trust, but the additional snippets of information can help get the sale over the line. Retailers should be encouraging very specific information relevant to the product and it’s intended use. For example, what’s the fit like? Does the sizing run small, large or is true to size? How tall is the model and what size is he/she wearing?

Illustration of a woman sitting at a desk on a laptop plus a pot plant

Invest in imagery.

Your product imagery is one of the most important features of your product page. 90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual – make sure you get it right!

Your imagery should consist of both product-only and in-context shots. If you’re in the fashion game, ensure your models are diverse … your customers need to imagine themselves wearing the product. Bring attention to any product detail and special features – these will help your conversions!

Learn from your mistakes.

Why are your products being returned? 89% of retailers collate and review the reasons behind returns – but are they actioning them? If there’s a disconnect between expectation and reality, there’s a problem. Optimising your product content using this vital feedback will help bridge the gap – and reduce the rate of return. A PIM solution allows you to update this content once and once only – as it’s the one source of product truth, the updated content will be pushed out to all your sales and marketing channels.

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A robust and powerful PIM (product information manager) will manage and automate your product data, ensuring accuracy and completeness. A top solution will also assist tailor product information specifically for external applications, marketplaces and additional sales channels. Selling internationally? A PIM holds product data specific to countries, regions, languages and currencies – all in the one place.

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