Purecomm + Comestri


We’re delighted to announce that Purecomm, one of Asia Pacific’s leading distributed order management systems is now Comestri OMS.

Comestri empowers brands to sell more every day.

The award-winning platform gives merchants the ability to manage and enrich multiple sources of product information for use across independent sales channels such as ecommerce platform (Salesforce Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify), marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, The Iconic, Catch) and other online channels such as social media (Google, Facebook), email marketing platforms, order management systems and dropshippers.

With the addition of Comestri OMS, retailers have the ability to use their retail stores, warehouses, fulfillment centres and drop ship locations to their full potential. Offering full inventory visibility, complex rules, packaging and fulfillment optimisation, Comestri can now enable 360° commerce.

Comestri is a complete and unified commerce solution.

By optimising retails operations, Comestri helps merchants sell and move their product through sales channels, order fulfillment and delivery.

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Boost Productivity

Less manual work, more automation. Streamline business processes.

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Increase Conversions

Right product experience, right time, right customer. Bingo.

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Optimize Fulfillment

Faster, Cheaper, Better. Keep stock turning over and move it more efficiently

“We knew from the first demonstration that Comestri, as a commerce hub, suited all our data transformation needs, from product information management to data orchestration and channel management. It’s the third time I’ve worked with them and that’s saying something.”

Peter Ratcliffe, Head of Digital Technology & Innovation
Retail Apparel Group

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