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Google Shopping is the world’s most popular Comparison Shopping Engine. In 2019, Google Shopping represented 65% of all clicks on Google Ads, which included clicks on text-based Google Search Ads. Over the same period, Shopping ads were also more profitable, netting merchants 12% more revenue per click than Google Search Ads viewed on the desktop via non-branded keywords.

Merchants who feature their products on Google Shopping benefit from much more visually appealing advertising compared with simple text-based search ads. Every ad includes a thumbnail photo, short product description, merchant details and price, giving shoppers all the product information they require. Advertised products are presented in the premium position at the top of the search engine results page, so shoppers are much more likely to engage, click through and convert.

Phone with product. Comestri integrates with Google Shopping feeds

Comestri’s Google Channel supports advertising on Google Shopping by exporting a product feed from Comestri’s Product Manager (PIM) to your Google Merchant Center. For each product sent, the Channel includes:

  • Product Title

  • Product Description

  • Images & Video

  • Pricing

  • Inventory Availability

  • Product URL

Core Features & Functions

Market your products like a pro

Send your enriched products with descriptive attributed to boost searchability and ranking

Present the best images for the channel by filtering and specifying image order

Streamline everything

Import categories from Google Shopping and automate the assignment of products to categories

Use Comestri’s Automation Engine to create rules to filter products to send to Google Shopping

Send stock availability data to your Google Merchant Centre to ensure only instock items are being advertised

… plus much, much more.

Download the full Google Shopping Channel Guide:

How Comestri Integrates with Google Shopping

Google Shopping integrates with Comestri