Case Study: Sparesbox

“Fusion Factory is a one-stop shop for data integration and omni-channel commerce—it’s all encompassing. They have established a niche for themselves in this space.”

Andrew Palmer, IT Manager for Sparesbox


As an early player in a booming auto parts industry, Sparesbox knew they needed a robust solution for all their data and commerce needs. With a database comprising of over 3.5M vehicle-product relationships, Sparesbox needed a solution that would quickly and efficiently return the 100+ relevant parts for the customer within milliseconds. 


“When we began developing the concept of Sparesbox, we went through a rigorous process to figure out how we could connect the dots between vehicle data, our data integration needs and selling across multiple online channels.” said Andrew Palmer. 


“We came to Fusion Factory due to the flexibility, scalability, robustness and expertise of their data integration and omni-channel commerce solution—not to mention their proven performance working with a number of merchants in the automotive retail industry.”


Fusion Factory’s solution for Sparesbox enables a seamless customer experience across multiple platforms. Integration with the Sparesbox eCommerce platform, eBay marketplace, online channels, ERP and other back-end systems all play a role in making each sale possible and efficient from an operations perspective.


And now?


  • Enriched and integrated product data, synchronising to feed into multiple online channels
  • A single-source solution provider enables Sparesbox to prioratise key business strategies, allowing them to move quickly to keep up wit industry standards and customer demands
  • Significantly fast turnaround for adding new sales channels
  • Reduced resources required to manage the data


“What Fusion Factory does well is take very raw complex data, enrich it and enhance it for the retail audience.”