Beyond Omnichannel: Why Unified Commerce is the Next Evolution of Ecommerce

An article by Inside Retail

… at the crux of it, unified commerce is about delivering a consistent and seamless shopping experience across every shopping channel and consumer touchpoint. Unified Commerce is making sure product information, images, pricing, inventory, customer service and returns is consistent across the retailer’s physical store, website, marketplaces, social media or wherever the product is viewed.

Frank Nesci, Comestri Co-Founder

Comestri’s Co-Founder and retail expert, Frank Nesci, recently sat down with Inside Retail to discuss why Unified Commerce is the next evolution of Ecommerce, and how data is key to retail success now and into the future.

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No matter how, when and where consumers choose to discover, research and purchase products, all your product information and data needs to be accurate, consistent and uniform across all channels.

Unified Commerce creates a seamless, consistent experience for customers across all channels. By harmonising all channels, payment systems, products, and customer data, retailers can deliver a totally integrated, measurable, and frictionless experience.

Unified Commerce is essential for an exceptional, friction-free customer journey.

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