4 Strategies for Winning at Fulfillment

In such a crowded and competitive market, your order fulfillment processes could be the difference between a happy, loyal customer and one who is not. As shopping behaviours continue to evolve, the delivery experience can often be the only physical experience a customer has with your brand. Make sure you get it right!

Delivery driver on a motorcycle with box illustration
4 strategies to win at fulfillment

1. Unify your inventory

Knowing where your inventory is located in real time is fundamental to presenting your customer with a true unified commerce experience. Where is the stock relative to the customer? How many items are left at the closest store? Where else can the order be fulfilled from? Unified inventory powers click & collect, click & reserve, view instore inventory online, ship from store and more.

Distributing inventory reduces shipping costs by 25%, and brings a 13% cost savings to your bottom line!

  • Better customer experience
  • Every piece of inventory is ATS, no matter where it’s located
  • Faster, cheaper delivery by shipping from the closest location to the customer

2. Offer delivery options to suit your customer

Delivery is critical to retail success. The delivery experience directly impacts their decision to shop with the merchant again, according to 87% of consumers.

Consumers expect to see delivery options in the checkout process such as same-day, next-day, 2-day and standard shipping. By giving options, you’re giving your customer more control over the speed of their delivery, as well as their accepted price point. Free shipping is always a winner and is a great tool to increase AOV.

  • Increase average basket size by offering free shipping threshold
  • Give customers freedom of choice and build loyalty
  • Decrease cart abandonment

3. Create rules for smarter fulfilment

A Distributed Order Management System will optimise order management and fulfillment processes to drive an exceptional customer experience. With automated workflows and intelligent rules, orders are turned around more efficiently and delivered to the customer sooner at a lower cost. Constant communication throughout the fulfilment process gives them peace of mind and confidence their order is on its way to them.

  • Turn orders around faster and delivered to the customer quicker
  • Automate processes and reduce manual work
  • Support multiple channels, fulfillment methods, fulfilment locations and return points

4. Use the best carrier for the job

A multi-carrier shipping strategy is essential for optimised fulfillment. Shipping costs can dramatically impact profitability – using the best carrier for each individual job can help keep shipping costs down!

Connecting a variety of carriers is essential to offering customers delivery choice at the checkout; you wouldn’t use the same carrier for a same-day service as you would a standard one.

  • Reduce shipping costs and delivery time
  • Offer delivery options at the checkout
  • Improve the delivery experience