Where Can You Find The Best PIM?

Looking for the best PIM? The best PIM will help you:

  • Enrich and merchandise your products

  • Customise product information for different sales channels and geographies

  • Orchestrate product, pricing and inventory across different sales & marketing channels

  • Integrate with ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, dropship and marketing channels

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Once integrated, a PIM will consolidate product data from multiple systems, storing the information in a logical and efficient structure. Your product data is then enriched through automation and manual intervention, and distributed to your ecommerce platforms, marketing feeds, sales channels and marketplaces.

Product information is tailored for each channel in the PIM, assisting with searchability and making your products easier to find on each specific channel.

Orders from these channels are then imported back into your PIM, and either managed within a connected OMS or imported back out to another system for processing.

But what makes a PIM the best? There are plenty of PIM’s available on the market, and all are worthy in their own respect. Before selecting a PIM, ask yourself these important questions:

1. How does your business currently manage their data?

2. Do you currently have multiple sources of product data?

3. How can your data be imported into a PIM?

4. How often does your product data need to be imported into a PIM solution?

5. How often do you need to update product data within a PIM solution?

6. How can your product data be enriched within the PIM?

7. How manual / automated would you like it to be?

8. What is the current process for enriching and updating product data?

9. How many channels do you need to export product data to?

10. What specific requirements do each channel require?

And more generically:

11. Who are the stakeholders involved in deciding the best PIM for your organisation?

12. How do the different business units need to use it, and who is ultimately responsible for it?

13. What features do you require in a PIM?

14. What vendors can fulfil most of your feature requirements for your organisation?

How Does A PIM Work?

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In its simplest form, a PIM imports data from multiple sources, enriches it, and sends it out to multiple channels. The best PIM helps to increase sales by publishing enriched product data to sales and marketing channels, putting products in front of more customers. Inventory and pricing is synchronised across all channels, ensuring a true omnichannel experience.

“The Comestri solution allowed us to manage all of our integrations to our service providers and partners in a single place. It was very effective – with each provider you integrate with, they all have their own dashboards and portals. Having that one place to go is very convenient and very efficient for us.”

Carina Ton, Group Head of Technology, APG & Co

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Sportscraft - APG & Co

Implementing a PIM solution has helped APG & Co and has had a direct impact on their bottom line. With a consolidated view of all their products, APG & Co could now further enrich each product for specific requirements each service provider requested. They can easily and quickly add promotional tags to boost rankings, ensure pricing is 100% accurate across all channels, and analyse their data in an aggregated view.

Being able to seize opportunities out there in the market with a relatively lean team would only be possible with having the set up with have with Comestri.”

Carina Ton / Group Head of Technology

See how APG & Co selected the best PIM for their brands: SPORTSCRAFT, SABA AND JAG.

How Does A PIM Work?

Benefits of the Best PIM - Increase Searchability

Reduce returns, boost searchability and conversions with enriched product content

Give customers an exceptional experience making it easier for them to find what they’re looking for. The descriptive content on your product pages can be the difference between a sale and an abandonment. Your data is like a virtual retail sales assistant; it needs to be descriptive enough to give the customer the best possible product experience without actually touching the real thing.

Returns are reduced as the customer knows exactly what they’re purchasing – there’s no ‘this product looks different’ or sizing issues. The more product data, the less returns.

Benefits of the Best PIM - Access New Customers

Access new customers

Increase sales by publishing products to sales and marketing channels, such as eBay, Amazon, Catch, The Iconic and many more. Synchronise your inventory and pricing across all channels for a true omnichannel experience.

Market your products in multiple regions, languages and currencies and reach a global audience.

Comestri powers JAG commerce

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