Rapidly Boost Your Online Performance

Validify’s Rapid Response Report #1

Comestri is proud to collaborate with Validify on their 1st Rapid Response Report.

The report is designed to help retailers navigate through the current COVID-19 crisis through innovation and expert advice. It aims to help retailers rapidly enhance their online performance and customer experience through digital transformation, and become digital-first as fast as possible.

Comestri Co-founder Frank Nesci contributes his thoughts on how retailers can survive this pandemic, urging retailers to completely rethink the role of their stores and transform them into mini distribution centres.

Download the report today to see Frank’s expert advice.

Download the report for expert advice on:

  • Market Awareness
  • Site Performance
  • Onsite Conversion
  • Augmented Experiences
  • Customer Service
  • Last Mile

“This is not the end of retail, but the end of retail as we knew it.”

Dimas Gimeno