Unlock the potential of your entire ecommerce network.

Manage orders from all sales channels in your Distributed Order Management System.

Activate omnichannel features such as click & collect, ship from store, dropship & partner fulfillment and more with Comestri’s Distributed Order Management System.

Give your customers the amazing brand experience they expect, and give yourself a competitive advantage.

Fulfil orders from any source and keep stock turning over.

Unify your inventory to expand your available to sell inventory online, and fulfil it from any location – stores, warehouses, fulfilment centres and drop ship locations. Minimise the impact of distressed stock by selling it, no matter where it’s located.

Smarter fulfilment, powered by incredibly sophisticated rules.

Turn your business priorities into intelligent fulfilment rules, with layer upon layer of conditions and subsequent actions. Send orders to the location that fits your specific criteria and automate your business processes.

Find cost efficiencies across your entire order lifecycle.

Reduce errors and manual handling, improve order accuracy, optimise fulfilment and lower delivery costs. Complete visibility and better reporting capabilities help identify further fulfilment cost-saving opportunities.

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An Introduction to OMS & DOM Systems

Order Management System

Retail inventory pooling
Multi-site fulfillment
Multi channel, multi market
Adjustments and cancellations
Returns and refunds
Shipping options
Intelligent reporting

Shipping App

Native courier integrations
Wave picking
Shipment tracking
Returns handling
Continuous workflows
Multi-part shipping

Click & Collect App

Customer notifications
Partial collections
Local or remote stock sourcing

… plus much, much more.

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