Connect all channels across your entire commerce ecosystem.

Connect all channels across your entire commerce ecosystem.

Synchronise data across multiple channels with Comestri’s Integration Connectors.

Send and receive your unified product information, order data and more from ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, social feeds and dropshippers; wherever your customers touch your brand.

Unify your commerce operations for a consistent brand experience across all channels.

Connect with your customers everywhere.

Consistently engage any targeted audience with unified product experiences. Respond to market conditions fast by easily turning channels ‘on’ using out-of-the-box integrations or plug-in APIs.

Publish product information seamlessly.

Prebuilt integrations and open APIs let you easily move data across your entire commerce network. Publish enriched product content and retrieve sales and customer data from all channels.

Create an agile merchant operating meshwork.

Comestri’s Commerce Integration Connectors allow you to link your customer touchpoints, backend systems, suppliers and more. Optimise your network for a consistent brand experience.


More channels, more sales

Ecommerce Channel Management Software

Core Features & Functions

Connect Your Commerce Ecosystem

Connect to existing channels within Comestri, such as marketplaces, sales and marketing channels, core business systems and suppliers.

Automate Your Processes

Drive channel and product behavior with Comestri’s Automation Engine.

Easily Transform Your Data From Other Systems

Import products, images and other associated data into Comestri.

… plus much, much more.

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Opportunities, Obstacles and Overcoming Challenges:

How to Win at Digital Marketplaces

Marketplaces accounted for 62% of global web sales in 2020 and provide the ultimate one-stop retail experience, presenting an exceptional, seamless shopper journey. Check our our article on How to Win at Digital Marketplaces.

What is Ecommerce Integration?

Ecommerce integration is where core business systems are integrated with a company’s ecommerce site/s. The integration allows for data flows between systems, reducing the need for manual tasks and giving retailers greater visibility over their ecommerce ecosystem.

An ecommerce platform may be integrated with systems such as:

  • ERP / Accounting Systems
  • CRM
  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Marketplaces
  • Sales channels
  • Analytics and BI tools
  • Marketing & Social Channels
  • + more

How to Integrate Your Ecommerce Ecosystem

Retailers can connect their backend systems to their front-end sales channels via integration platforms like Comestri.

Product data is filtered in from all back-end systems such as ERP, WMS, CRM, EDM, and 3PL; where it is centrally managed by Comestri acting as a data orchestration engine. This data can then be enriched and customised per sales channel and distributed to wherever customers touch your brand including; eCommerce sites, sales channels, and marketplaces.

Comestri’s sophisticated PIM transforms and consolidates data from connected systems and stores it centrally. Product data is enriched and tailored for each individual sales channel, where it’s published and ready to be found and sold. Orders are then imported back into the PIM to be processed, where the sophisticated OMS and automation engine sends them to be fulfilled.

A connected ecommerce ecosystem includes all fulfillment locations; warehouses, retail stores, dropshippers and more.

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Seamless selling.

Effortlessly connect to sales channels and marketplaces, and publish enriched product data automatically. Receive orders back into the PIM, ready to be processed in the OMS or pushed to another connected system for fulfillment.

Manage data like a pro.

Open APIs and prebuilt integrations give retailers the ability to move data across their entire commerce network. Data is pushed, pulled and transformed from almost any system, giving complete visibility across the network.

Ultimate flexibility.

Scale up or scale down. Remove barriers to reaching new markets and audiences. Unify your channels, inventory and inventory locations for complete control.

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