Facebook Advertising Retargeting and Dynamic Ads

Facebook is the biggest social network operating today and one of the most successful advertising platforms in the world. The statistics speak for themselves: Facebook has more than 2.5 billion global monthly active users; over 1.95 billion people worldwide can be reached by Facebook ads and in 2019 the company booked close to US$69.66 billion in ad revenue.

Comestri’s Facebook Channel allows merchants to send product data to the Catalogues in their Facebook Business Manager account. Product data in Facebook Catalogues is managed within Comestri, ensuring consistency across all sales and marketing channels.

Merchants can create single-image, dynamic ads, powering retargeting campaigns. Facebook users are presented with the most relevant products from a merchant’s product catalogue, encouraging the completion of an online purchase (abandoned carts) or showcase relevant products (based on a user’s history), inspiring additional purchases and building brand loyalty.

Comestri’s Facebook Advertising Channel supports advertising on Facebook by exporting a product feed from Comestri’s Product Manager (PIM) to your Facebook Business Manager. For each product sent, the Channel includes:

  • Product Name

  • Product Description

  • Product Images

  • Pricing
  • Inventory Availability
  • Product URL

Core Features & Functions

Give your products a 2nd chance to convert

Create dynamic, personliased ads using your product catalogue to retarget customers

Increase the chance of conversion with relevant imagery and emotive descriptions

Take complete control of your product data

Product data for all your sales and marketing channels is stored in the one location, ensuring consistency and inventory availability

Take advantage of Facebook’s Custom Labels, and easily segment advertising campaigns into your specific label (e.g. new, seasonal, clearance or best-sellers)

Go global with customized catalogues, locations, currencies and languages for each

… plus much, much more.

Download the full Facebook Features & Functions Guide: