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commercetools allows retailers to create powerful, highly customised commerce experiences with their API-first architecture. In the much-hyped space of headless commerce, commercetools is a major player, built on modern MACH principles.

Using commercetool’s headless commerce platform, brands can easily curate their own suite of commerce solutions by connecting to best-of-breed, cloud-based microservices. Brands benefit from the complete flexibility of their solution, as they can freely alter their configuration or auto-scale their service as required. It’s a commerce solution that’s ready for the future.

Comestri’s commercetools Channel leverages the functionality of the PIM, OMS, Channel Manager and Automation Engine to send enriched product data to your commercetools Project. Access the advanced capabilities of the headless commercetools platform, and unlock the full potential of your digital commerce solution with Comestri and commercetools.

Headless Commerce

Liberate your platform with a frontend that is decoupled and connected seamlessly to the backend via APIs.

Best-of-Breed Commerce

Free yourself from vendor lock-in by choosing only the third-party services you want and need.

Composable Commerce

Use ready-made commerce blocks to create or supplement your own infrastructure and run them at scale.

Core Features & Functions

Manage products like a pro

Supports diverse Product Models through a combination of Products and Variants for total flexibility

Easily import fundamental elements of the commercetools data model to streamline mapping and publishing of product data

Go global with support for multiple languages, currencies and pricing to support your online stores nationally, regionally or globally

Customise your channel to meet the changing demands of your business

Automate everything with Comestri’s Automation Engine for more streamlined, less manual processes

Add a touch of data magic

Easily transform data to meet the requirements of the commercetools platform using a standard XSLT file transformation process that requires only basic XSLT knowledge to implement

… plus much, much more.

Download the full commercetools integration Features & Functions Guide:

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