BigCommerce Integrations

BigCommerce is one of the world’s most successful cloud-based ecommerce platforms, supporting over $25B+ in merchant sales across over 120 countries.

Deliver a powerful, unified online experience by connecting your BigCommerce store with your wider ecommerce ecosystem, sales and marketing channels with Comestri. Unleash the power of automation to supercharge your commerce offering, taking control of your product and inventory information and using it to sell more, every day.

Comestri is proud to be a BigCommerce Elite Parter.

Connect your core business systems to Comestri’s commerce platform for synchronisation across your entire business. Enhanced enriched product data is consistent across all sales and marketing channels (BigCommerce store/s, Facebook, Google Shopping, marketplaces, advertising platforms etc) supporting a strong brand experience. Connect backend functionality like ERP and WMS platforms for complete visibility of your inventory and sales, driving intelligent reporting and insights.

Core Features & Functions

Enhanced product enrichment

List products using multiple variants and use highly complex product models through a a combination of BigCommerce Product Options, Custom Fields, Variant Fields and Variant Meta Fields

Take control of your image and videos by specifying image sort order, display format and hero images

Enhance SEO with additional, enhanced product attributes

Create grouped products, product kits and related products to hep cross sell and upsell

Robust order and inventory management

Import orders from BigCommerce and other sales channels for processing within Comestri OMS or your own backend system

Update order status in BigCommerce for timely customer communications

More products in more channels

Connect other sales & marketing channels, business systems and suppliers to Comertri’s Product Manager (PIM) to centralise your entire ecommerce ecosystem

… plus much, much more.

Download the full BigCommerce Features & Functions Guide:


Lessons Learned Migrating a Multi-Store, Large Catalogue Business to BigCommerce

Monwell recently replatformed to BigCommerce and implemented Comestri PIM + OMS to help them manage multiple stores, make use of intelligent automation technology and help them future-proof their business.

How BigCommerce integrates with Comestri