Amazon Marketplace

Amazon is a favourite online retail destination for millions of shoppers worldwide, with 63% of consumers starting their online product searches on the platform. Since it’s launch over 20 years ago, Amazon Marketplace currently represents 50% of all items sold on Amazon globally, and third-party sales are growing at 52% per year.

Connect your Ecommerce Ecosystem to the Amazon Marketplace

Comestri’s Amazon Channel provides a seamless connection between Amazon Marketplace and your extended ecommerce ecosystem. The Channel automates the transfer of product and inventory information between your back-end systems (e.g. ERP) and Amazon, while ensuring your product listings are optimised for the platform.

Connect your commerce ecosystem to Amazon and sell more. Comestri’s Amazon Channel helps fuel the growth of many high-profile brands through its diverse range of features and support for Amazon listing requirements.

Core Features & Functions

Up your searchability and visibility

Boost conversions through best practice product information, customise product search terms and optimise your product imagery

Easily create lookup tables in Comestri to translate Comestri attributes to Amazon’s

Automate everything

Create rules to filter the products you wish to list on Amazon

Set stock buffers and automatically decrement inventory levels within your Comestri PIM

Import orders from Amazon for fulfillment within Comestri’s OMS, or pass them back to another backend system for processing

Connect your Amazon Marketplace with your entire ecommerce ecosystem and manage everything from the one place

… plus much, much more.

Download the full Amazon Marketplace Features & Functions Guide:

More channels, more sales.

Connect your ecommerce platform with marketplaces and sales channels, and tailor product information for each.

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