“Comestri is the technology that will help us tie together our bricks and mortar stores with our digital channels to get to that place; that true omnichannel customer experience. Comestri will power that for us.”

Nathan Alexander
Technology Director, Seafolly

“We knew from the first demonstration that Comestri, as a commerce hub, suited all our data transformation needs, from product information management to data orchestration and channel management. 

It’s the third time I’ve worked with them and that’s saying something.”

Peter Ratcliffe
Head of Digital Technology & Innovation, Retail Apparel Group

“As a business, we’re really pleased that we’re able to take on and explore growth opportunities quickly. That’s always going to be our goal with Comestri. Comestri is an enabler for us…  It’s a part of our technology arsenal, to allow us to mold and shape our business as we grow.”

Carina Ton, Group Head of Digital Projects, APG&Co