How Showpo found the key to boosting conversion

An article by Inside Retail

Working with Comestri really allows us to push through new experiences at speed; we’ve got greater agility than before and can pivot quickly.

Mitul Lakhani, Head of Digital Product

Showpo’s Head of Digital Product, Mitul Lakhani and CTO Lachlan Smith recently sat down with Inside Retail to discuss their recent digital transformation.

With a laser focus on creating a frictionless customer experience and product discoverability, the team at Showpo embarked on an 18-month project to refine systems and data processes.

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  • Frictionless customer experience

  • Products are more discoverable

  • Improved automation, resulting in less manual work

All the products are in the right places now and customers can find what they want a lot more easily than before.

Mitul Lakhani, Head of Digital Product

A PIM System can help improve product data structured, allowing consumers to quickly find the products they’re looking for with enhanced product and category filtering. Improving the accuracy of product attributes (such as material, colour, style, length, occasion, etc.) allows for product categorisation and facets to be automatically assigned, reducing manual work, eliminating human error and keeping product filtering clean and user-friendly.

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