Returns in Retail: How Ecommerce Returns Impact Customer Experience

A Whitepaper by 5874 Commerce

Comestri Partner 5874 Commerce

As we shift our business practices to accommodate the new retail world, a customer’s post-purchase experience should not be forgotten. According to UPS, 68% of shoppers check a website’s return and exchange policy before making a purchase, highlighting the fact that the post-purchase experience should be as high a priority as securing the initial sale.

Offering a returns policy and process is a crucial step towards achieving higher customer loyalty and attracting repeat business.

Our good friends at 5874 Commerce have produced an exceptional whitepaper, analyzing the returns processes of 100 merchants. The whitepaper details returns policies, who should pay for returns, how returns can be made more customer-friendly, how many return options should be offered and much, much more.

Download the Returns in Retail Whitepaper today!

Download the whitepaper to discover:

  • Why do return policies matter for customers?

  • How can you improve the returns process?

  • What rights should your customers have?

  • How did the returns process vary between 100 UK-based retailers?

“There are some cases when a high returns rate is actually a “good sign”. The very highest spenders in fashion will often buy a whole range of product options and sizes each time they shop; then keep 25%, and return 75%. This distorts the overall returns rate, but actually the 25% that they keep is very profitable; and you don’t want to discourage this behavior.”

Charlie Bodycote, General Manager – Europe | COMESTRI