Drive business growth with

Comestri’s PIM for Ecommerce.

Consolidate, enrich, manage and publish product data seamlessly with a connected ecommerce ecosystem. Optimise brand experiences and make products more discoverable with limitless attributes, sophisticated product structures and intelligent automation features.

Product Information Management for Ecommerce.

Benefit from a single source of truth for all product data, and enjoy product data consistency across all sales and marketing channels. Structured, consistent product data makes products more discoverable, and attributes such as product images, detailed information and product availability helps shoppers make an informed decision and convert.

Seamlessly publish your product information wherever your customers are; more product in more channels = more sales.

Consolidate data from multiple systems.

Enrich data and tailor product information for all websites, ecommerce, marketplaces and dropship programs. Synchronise inventory and pricing across all channels. And manage everything from one place.

Boost searchability and conversion rates.

With enriched content like descriptions, attributes, images and videos, customers will make fewer purchase mistakes. You’ll have more returning customers with a reduction in returned orders.

Target any audience (and new ones, too!)

Personalise product information for anyone with different attributes like descriptions, visuals, language, prices, currency, and more, all within your Product Information Manager.


Product Information Management (PIM) Software

Core Features & Functions

Create new products easily

Via Comestri’s User Interface (UI)
Via CSV or spreadsheet upload on the User Interface
Via RESTful API web service

Take complete control of your product data

Enrich your products by uploading Images/Videos/Files, creating Attributes and Categories, and adding Inventory and Pricing

Manage data quality by defining a product completeness formula (e.g. using mandatory and optional product Attributes)

Robust and powerful product filtering

Refine your product search
Create Quick Filters to streamline your product management
Save your filters for later use
Load filters quickly from your saved list
Define a Global Filter to lift staff productivity

Go global with flexible language, currency & publishing capabilities

Market your products in multiple regions, in multiple languages, using unlimited currencies
Manage all your brands using a single source of product information
Publish to multiple sites and channels simultaneously
Manage product information in your local language

Product & Data Modelling

Design a structured storage model for product data that reflects product relationships
Create ‘containers’ that hold product data in a unified multi-level structure
Enriching your products with unlimited descriptive Attributes
Define blocks of descriptive product data called Shared References that can easily be attached to any kind of product

Data Quality Control

Define product completeness criteria to deliver greater control over the quality of data
Refine product searches and save for later use
Enrich and transform a selection of filtered products via a set of pre-defined actions
Develop attribute validation rules that protect data integrity

Digital Asset Management

Improve your control over digital assets through an efficient management structure for product images, videos and files
Select from a range of import options for digital assets
Enrich digital assets with a variety of metadata to enhance SEO and boost search metrics for your e-commerce platform
Tag digital assets with custom labels to streamline asset management and gain increased control over asset placement on destination platforms

… plus much, much more.

Download the full Product Information Manager (PIM) Features & Functions Guide:

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    Like to know more?

    How Can A PIM (Product Information Management) Supercharge Your Ecommerce Store?

    Your PIM (Product Information Management) helps retailers consolidate, enrich, orchestrate and publish product information wherever a customer touches your brand and is the single source of truth for product information, inventory and stock levels.

    If you’re currently using your ecommerce platform as your PIM, you’re missing out. While Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and others are fantastic systems, a PIM system can help you make the most of your platform and extend its capabilities. Additional functionality a PIM system can bring to your store can include:

    Enhanced Discoverability

    Help your products get found with advanced and additional product attributes, meta descriptions, meta titles, etc. Super charge your SEO.

    Cross Sell & Up Sell

    Grouped products, product kits and related products can help up that basket size, increasing your AOV.

    Centralised Inventory

    Centralise inventory across your entire ecommerce ecosystem for complete visibility, prevent sell-outs and minimise distressed stock.

    Scale Up or Down

    Easily turn sales channels, websites, countries, stores and fulfillment locations on or off, depending on business requirements.

    Product Enrichment

    List products using highly complex product models to help your products get found and get sold. Publish tailored product information to each sales channel.


    Future-proof your business with headless and composable commerce. Embrace adaptable, module-based systems for an optimised end-to-end commerce strategy.