Order Manager Software for Omnichannel Retailing

Unlock the potential of your retail stores, warehouses, distribution centres, drop shippers and more with Order Manager Software. The intelligent software powers omnichannel retailing, and offers delivery options and experiences that consumers demand. If you’re not currently offering click and collect, ship from store, instore returns and more, ask yourself: how much business am I loosing by not offering my customers what they want?

order manager software

What is Order Manager Software?

An OMS is a hub that automates and streamlines processes involved in the order lifecycle. It manages and tracks all your sales orders, inventory and fulfillment. It provides a real-time stock API and allows for ecommerce fulfillment from any location.

The best Order Manager Software features sophisticated rules, which can be set up to route orders to the optimal location for fulfillment. Should there be stock discrepancies and there’s no stock to fulfill the order, the software can send the order to the next location for fulfillment. Intelligent rules can also be created to automate your core business goals – e.g. ‘only route orders to a location with buffer stock of X’, ‘only route orders to a location with 100% of items in stock’, ‘route orders to the closest DC to the customer’ and much more.

With one central location for all order information, customer service staff have complete order visibility. Staff are empowered to resolve any issues or update orders prior to shipping.

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Top Benefits of an Order Manager System

Website on phone showing how you can view instore stock online with Comestri

View Stock Instore

Boost conversions and drive customers instore by giving them the ability to see available local
stock online. Enable Click & Collect and drive foot traffic to retail stores to give retail staff the
opportunity to engage with customers.

Sell More Stock

Extend the range of products available online by offering every last size and style, from
anywhere you have it. All inventory is available to sell, no matter where it’s located, and
instore, supplier or warehouse staff are given the tools to pick, pack, label, book and ship

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Best PIM for Ecommerce Benefits-Inventory-controlled Ad Spend

Only Promote Products with Adequate Stock Levels

Don’t waste advertising dollars on products with low stock. Synchronise your inventory across your entire commerce network and use the magic of automation to pause ads without adequate stock.

Better Data Management

As the single source of truth for your product data, the best PIM for ecommerce will ensure data quality across your entire commerce network. Streamline and automate the movement of data across your network, and consolidate product data from multiple systems.

Built for Growth

Scale when needed, adding additional fulfillment locations, delivery providers, 3PLs etc. The system also supports multiple currencies and languages, meaning you can open your doors to the rest of the world.

Best PIM for Ecommerce Benefits-Data Orchestration
Top benefits of order manager software

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