How Can A PIM System Supercharge Your Ecommerce Store?

Is your ecommerce platform currently serving as your PIM? A PIM System, such as Comestri, can supercharge your ecommerce store and take your retail operations to the next level.

PIM (Product Information Management) Software helps you consolidate, enrich, orchestrate and publish your product information wherever customers touch your brand. It offers additional functionality to your current ecommerce platform (BigCommerce, Salesforce CommerceCloud, Shopify, Magento etc) through next-level product structures, categorization, data filtering, optimization and much more.

PIM System - Comestri

As the single source of truth for product information, inventory and stock levels, your PIM System ensures data consistency, prevents stock-outs and oversells, and helps your products be found with enhanced SEO capabilities.

Connect your PIM with your extended ecommerce ecosystem; sales & marketing channels, marketplaces, additional ecommerce sites, business systems and much more.

Business Benefits

What Additional Functionality Can a PIM System Bring to my Ecommerce Store?

If you’re currently using your ecommerce platform as your PIM, you’re missing out. While Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify and others are fantastic systems, a PIM system can help you make the most of your platform and extend its capabilities. Additional functionality a PIM system can bring to your store can include:

Enhance Product Enrichment

List products using highly complex product models to help your products get found

Surpercharged SEO

Use advanced and additional product attributes, meta descriptions, meta titles, etc.

More Cross Sell & Up Sell

Grouped products, product kits and related products can help up that basket size

Robust Order Management

Manage orders from all sales channels within Comestri’s OMS

Centralized Inventory

Centralize inventory across multiple sites and sales to prevent sell-outs

Sell Anywhere and Everywhere

Multi-store, multi-language and multi-currency support

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An introduction to Product Information Management

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