Headless & Composable Commerce – The Future of Commerce

Headless & Composable Commerce
The Future of Commerce

The future of commerce is here. Headless and composable commerce are the hot trends shaping the direction of commerce; the future is all about the shopper experience and technology that can scale.

The massive shifts in consumer behavior have left many businesses challenged to try and capture the increased demand. They’re looking to optimise their end-to-end commerce strategy and be future-ready yesterday – but they’re monolithic systems and outdated processes are holding them back.

Ecom3.0 is the shift towards adaptable, module-based systems and away from one-size-fits-all technology. It’s the realisation that every business, every customer and every shopper journey is different – everything is personalised, agile and connected.

By 2023, organizations that have adopted a composable approach will outpace competition by 80% in the speed of new feature implementation.


Headless Commerce

What is it?

“Headless commerce” is the decoupling of the frontend “presentation layer” of a website from the backend infrastructure. This architecture allows retailers to deliver compelling, high-quality content experiences in the front end, while the ecommerce solution in the backend manages all commerce functionality.

The architectural flexibility in a headless model allows for easy connection into key infrastructure points, such as ERPs, PIMs, OMS and POS.

Highly Customisable.

Highly customizable frontend ‘presentation’ layer, ensuring a coordinated and optimised user experience across all frontend touchpoints.

Brand Consistency.

Brand consistency across all touchpoints, ensuring uniform commerce services such as inventory, product information, promotions and more.

Better Performance.

Faster, more agile, adaptable shopping experience with improved website performance. Reduces time to market and gives retailers the ability to react to changing market conditions.


Adaptable to new channels and customer touchpoints, turning any screen into a digital storefront and making every channel shoppable.

Easy Integration.

Easy integration with external tools, services and digital mediums, allowing you to sell where your customers are and manage everything from a single backend.

Play a Bigger Ecommerce Game with Composable Commerce

Data. We know it’s one of the sexiest topics in eCommerce *wink* hence why you need access to it for your business to succeed! When adopting a composable commerce strategy the benefits of being able to call on specific technologies that offer the right data at the right time means that you can remain agile when creating a new-generation experience for customers. Join Comestri’s Ben Cook, talking about supporting a Composable world with an API led approach for Product, Inventory, Delivery and Pricing Data.

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Composable Commerce

Comestri Composable Commerce Headless Commerce

What is it?

“Composable commerce” was a term conceived by Garter, referring to a modular digital commerce approach. It is a development approach of selecting best of breed commerce components and combining (or ‘composing’) them into a custom application built for a specific requirement. Rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all offering, a composable approach comprises a selection of vendors and technologies that offer robust, comprehensive functionality for the one thing they do.

Those components are defined as Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs), which represent well-defined business capabilities such as checkout or search. By using best of breed modular solutions, retailers gain more control over the functionality and performance of their application.

Personalised Experiences.

Retailers can create their own personalised end-to-end customer experiences throughout the customer journey and across multiple mediums.

Highly Flexibile.

Easy to change or amend one module without impacting the entire commerce ecosystem. Reduces complexity and rigidity.

Vendor Flexibility.

Select the vendors and technologies that suit a particular business need, and have the ability to change them if and when required.

Highly Scalable.

Highly scalable and future-proof; engage with technologies and vendors when you need them and be set up for future technologies.

Unique Journeys.

Craft a seamless and unique customer journey with integrated touchpoints, including chatbots, reporting dashboards, recommendations, reviews, and self-services tools.

Adopting Headless Commerce – An On-Demand Webinar

Filmed for the BigCommerce 360 Summit – Million Dollar Moves, Comestri’s Ben Cook guides you through an explanation of the Headless Commerce model and how Comestri customers are implementing headless tactics to sell more everyday.