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In recent roles within online retail I needed a solution with the ability to handle complex data between our back-end systems, our website and our online sales channels. We researched available tools and found Comestri, built by the team at Fusion Factory.

We knew from the first demonstration that Comestri, as a commerce hub, suited all our data transformation needs, from product information management to data orchestration and channel management. I’m in the process of working with the team again with similar requirements.

It’s the third time I’ve worked with them and that’s saying something.

Peter Ratcliffe Head of Digital Technology & Innovation Retail Apparel Group

Before Comestri we spent a lot of time integrating similar data feeds into different channels, then spent more time maintaining the currency of those integrations. Every channel needed similar details like catalogue feeds, inventory and pricing, but in their own format for each. In the end it tied us to channels in a way that made it difficult to respond fast to changing market conditions. It was also a huge overhead for us requiring many extra hours each month.

Comestri not only lets us deliver our information to any channel very simply, but it also lets us quickly pivot between channels in response to market conditions. The simplicity of Comestri means we can now be agile and easily experiment with channels without the same risks as before.

Carina Ton Group Head of Digital Projects APG&Co

Prior to Comestri, product management and channel integration was very difficult. There were many inefficiencies. When we started looking at what was available we realised we needed better technology to optimise our various workflows, especially how we managed product data and onboarded new channels, like websites for different geographies and marketplaces.

Comestri lets us automate our merchant operations, everything from enriching product data to publishing product information to websites and marketplaces. This gives us huge efficiency gains. In its simplest form, Comestri lets us manage product information and digital assets for all of our channels faster as well as quickly onboard new marketplaces and leverage dropship programs. In fact, Comestri lets us do all this and more; simply, and efficiently.

Nathan Alexander Technology Director Seafolly

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