Universal Channel – Ecommerce Data Transformation

Transform your data from any system without the need for API integration with Comestri’s Universal Channel.

Connect business systems, websites and more with this lightweight middleware solution.

Comestri’s Universal Channel gives businesses the flexibility to export data from or import data in to Comestri. It supports data export and import between Comestri and a wide range of external services. Streamline your omnichannel retail operations using complex ecommerce data transformations, made easy with Comestri.

The highly customisable ecommerce middleware enables you to quickly and easily set up data interchange solutions with any external service, without the need to develop an API integration. The true power of this channel lies in its ability to transform data from any data source. The solution supports common file formats CSV, JSON and XML and performs complex data transformations using XSLT. Data can be imported from FTP, SFTP and Amazon S3 endpoints.

Comestri’s Universal Channel can also be used in conjunction with additional Comestri Channels to help streamline the operation of your larger ecommerce ecosystem.

Core Features & Functions

Seamless ecommerce data transformation

Supports CSV, JSON and XML file formats

Connect to external services using industry-standard file transfer methods – FTP, SFTP and Amazon S3

Ensure a fast and efficient data interchange between Comestri and any cloud-based external services, without the need to implement APIs

Take complete control of your product data

Ensure absolute consistency with one single source of truth for your product data

Connect up whatever business systems you need to thrive; ERPs, BI’s and more

Ensure inventory is updated across your entire ecommerce ecosystem, preventing stock-outs and powering omnichannel features

… plus much, much more.

Download the full Universal Channel Features & Functions Guide:

How Comestri's Universal Channel Works