Attraqt Fredhopper Discovery Platform

Fredhopper integrates with Comestri

Attraqt powers exceptional shopping experiences for over 300 of the world’s leading retail brands. The Fredhopper Discovery Platform drives relevant and inspiring ecommerce experiences through personalization, search, recommendations, internationalization and Merchandising SaaS solutions.

Comestri integrates with The Fredhopper Discovery Platform, consolidating data from your ecommerce ecosystem, empowering retailers to become more agile, dynamic and innovative. Unleash the power of enriched real-time API enabled data and best-in-class algorithms.

Use the power of data to orchestrate experiences that are efficient, compelling and connected from moment-to-moment.

Optimise the shopper journey through search, navigation, recommendations, personalization and post-purchase engagement.

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    Connect your ecommerce platform with marketplaces and sales channels, and tailor product information for each.

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