A Commerce Hub That Delivers Unified Product Experiences.

A Commerce Hub That Delivers Unified Product Experiences.

Unify product data, produce meaningful content and reach any customer with compelling product information that optimises conversion rates. Connect your ecommerce platform with your wider commerce ecosystem for a truly seamless customer experience.

For many merchants, product data is distributed across numerous systems in different formats. Translating this into meaningful product information for customers is complex, especially at scale across multiple touchpoints in an industry renown for constant change.

The Comestri platform helps you consolidate, orchestrate and publish product information wherever customers touch your brand.

PIM, OMS & Ecommerce Product Information Solutions.

PIM (Product Information Manager)

Consolidate product data from multiple systems, including your ecommerce platform. Enrich data with limitless attributes, tailor products information and synchronize inventory and pricing.

  • Boost searchability and make products easier to find with limitless attributes, content, images and video.

  • Make product content more relevant and appealing to customers, and give your products every chance to shine.

  • Go global with flexible language, currency and publishing capabilities. Manage your brands globally using a single source of product information.

Online shopping ecommerce platform

Distributed Order Management System (OMS)

Managed orders from all sales channels in one place with easy fulfillment workflow. Enable click & collect, ship from store, cross border, endless aisle and in-store returns.

  • Unlock the potential of your retail stores, warehouses, fulfillment centres and drop ship locations.

  • Fulfil orders from any source and keep stock turning over.

  • Manage orders from all sales channels in one place with easy fulfillment workflow, and create a seamless experience for customers.

Channel Manager

Connect all channels across a commerce ecosystem; business systems, sales channels, ecommerce platform (websites), marketing channels and suppliers.

  • More products in more channels. Connect to marketplaces and sales channels, with inventory and product information synchronized and consistent across your entire commerce network. Connect your ecommerce platform (BigCommerce, Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopify and more) to your wider commerce ecosystem.

  • Give customers a consistent brand experience across all channels, and allow them to engage with your brand where it suits them.

  • Connect to over 40 pre-built channels, or use our Universal Channel for seamless ecommerce data transformation.

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Automation engine ecommerce

Automation Engine

Create rules to automate product behavior. Optimize how a product is viewed with personalized product titles, content and pricing per channel.

  • Automate your commerce processes. Write rules that streamline business processes around product information.

  • Work faster and boost productivity across your whole merchant operation.

  • Optimise product categories, titles and descriptions. Catalog products for different channels. Sync inventory and pricing across all touchpoints.

What You Should Be Looking for in the Best PIM for Ecommerce.

A PIM will help you consolidate, orchestrate and publish your product information wherever customers touch your brand; your own website, marketplaces, sales and marketing channels and much more.