A Commerce Hub That Delivers Unified Product Experiences.

A Commerce Hub That Delivers Unified Product Experiences.

Unify product data, produce meaningful content and reach any customer with compelling product information that optimises conversion rates. Connect your ecommerce platform with your wider commerce ecosystem for a truly seamless customer experience.

PIM, OMS & Ecommerce Product Information Solutions.

For many merchants, product data is distributed across numerous systems in different formats. Translating this into meaningful product information for customers is complex, especially at scale across multiple touchpoints in an industry renown for constant change.

The Comestri platform helps you consolidate, orchestrate and publish product information wherever customers touch your brand.

Supercharge product discoverability.

Tailor enriched product information for all websites, ecommerce, marketplaces and dropship programs. Help customers find exactly what they’re looking for while also reducing returns.

Enhance customer experience.

With enhanced product descriptions, attributes, images and videos, customers can easily find what they’re looking for. Unify inventory to enable omnichannel features such as Click & Collect.

Future-ready, and ready for anything.

Gain the competitive edge you need with a flexible suite of digital commerce tools and enjoy a seamlessly integrated experience. Future-proof your business with easy connectivity to tomorrow’s technology.

“Knowing our customers are spending more when they shop gives us confidence we’re providing a better experience, driving customers into stores, and making it easier to find products online. And of course our fantastic product ranges and brand awareness underpin this capability.”

Elain Vaughan, Chief Digital Officer

How Comestri is Different.

Ecommerce is better when everything connects.

Delivering a unified experience has always been at the core of what we do. We’re here to make systems simpler to integrate, information easier to access, and operations effortless to manage.

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A modular approach means more flexibility.

You need a flexible system that can grow with you and the market – while still working with legacy systems. That’s why we designed a system ready for you to use either end-to-end or just as single components.

Smart. Seamless. Sophisticated.

We help businesses grow their intelligence, be more responsive and play at a new level. How? By transforming the way they think about ecommerce for a new digital landscape.

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One Ecommerce Hub to Rule Them All.


Consolidate product data from multiple systems, including your ecommerce platform. Enrich data with limitless attributes, tailor product information and synchronize inventory and pricing.


Manage orders from all sales channels in one place with easy fulfillment workflow. Enable omnichannel features, such as click & collect, ship from store, endless aisle and in-store returns.


Connect all channels across your entire ecommerce ecosystem for a truly integrated solution. Connect with your customers, wherever they choose to shop, with a consistent brand experience.


Work smarter and streamline processes with intelligent rules, designed for your specific business processes. Automate product behavior, boost productivity and simplify merchandising.

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